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May 16th meeting minutes are up

Meeting Minutes from May 16 2011 minutes are up. The summary is posted below:

Welcome & Introductions- “Why are you here today?”

Purpose & Structure For This Group
APA for Progress (APAP): we decided to wait on if a APAP chapter is right for us and to make this decision when
this group’s identity is further flushed out.

Timing – how often should this group meet?
It was decided that we would meet quarterly and that if folks have other events/socials those can be in-between our quarterly meetings.

Leadership – what kind of leadership structure makes sense for this group?
There was consensus that it should not be one person but a steering committee. Of those who attended this meeting, Brian, Eva, Margie, & Sia volunteered to be on a steering committee. The group agreed though, that there were many folks not at this meeting who may be interested so we should ask other folks if they are interested in being on a steering committee.

Communication – how do we stay in touch with each other?
There was an idea to have a Facebook page since people use that regularly and would be useful in posting events, community info, scheduling quarterly mtgs, etc. But we agreed we’d also use email since not everyone is on FB. We also thought about doing a blog for this group.

Name –what should we call this group?
We need a name! Margie originally called it Twin Cities APIA Activists, but there was concern that it would leave out others who aren’t in the TC. Janet will check to see if PAAVE can be passed on to this group. PAAVE stand for Pan-Asian American Voices for Equality but we could alter what the letters stand for. MN APIA Activists was another suggestion. Send your ideas via email so that we can confirm this at the next meeting.

Identity – what should this group be about?
see the full minutes in the meeting minutes page

Issues and updates discussed

  • Justice for Fong Lee Committee
  • API Spoken Word Summit
  • St. Paul Public Schools initiative
  • KDWB
  • Legislative work

Next steps

  • Email interest in being on the steering committee for this group.
  • Email suggestions for a group name
  • Schedule next meeting date (end of August-ish)

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