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We are now PAVE-MN!

We last recently put our official name to democratic vote and “Pan-Asian Voices for Equity- MN” (PAVE-MN) won with 56.7% of the vote, while Minnesota Asian/Pacific Islanders in Action (MN APIA) garnered 43.3% of the vote. Thank you for your input!

The steering commitee recently met and have planned a social event in March. We also plan to have a community convening in April.

Next Steps for PAVE-MNThe PAVE-MN steering committee will be working hard over the month of March to solidify this group’s identity and purpose. Here’s what you can expect:

1.) Foundation: The Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV) and bylaws of PAVE-MN will be revised one final time to incorporate the feedback we received since the January 2012. We plan to finalize the MVV and bylaws by mid-March and the final draft will be put on our blog for public viewing. The finalized MVV will be adopted for one year from its public release. After one year, the MVV and bylaws will be up for review and revision.

2.) Community Convening: The value of PAVE-MN depends on the input community members provide in creating a vibrant and active Asian/Pacific/American community in Minnesota. The steering committee will organize a community convening in April to discuss community needs, issues, and current projects to see how we, as a community, can best put our mission into practice.

3.) Membership and volunteers: For us to have a strong voice on critical issues, we need a critical mass of active members. The steering committee will be seeking more people to join PAVE-MN and to strategize on how to increase group membership. We also need volunteers to help out with various needs as we go along. Currently, we could use some help with communications (see below) and with a logo design for PAVE-MN.

4.) Communication: In order to do work together, we need to share information and news. Brian Kao will work with PAVE-MN members to determine the best platform for online communication and information sharing as well as a code of conduct for communication. If you are interested in helping and are familiar with blogging, online communications, or overall web app use, give us an email by replying to the newsletter.

For the time being, if you or your organization have events, news, info, or resources you want to share with the rest of the group, reply to this newsletter to email Brian will help put it on the blog. Also, anyone is free to post to our facebook group.

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