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PAVE members, your vote is needed!

PAVE MN drafts position statements on Marriage and Voter ID amendments, member vote sought by Sept. 28, 2012

In light of the upcoming elections, Pan Asian Voices for Equity-Minnesota (PAVE-MN) has the opportunity to engage in the political process by adding our voice against legislation that would create permanent measures to limit the rights of members of our local API community.

The Steering Committee has drafted a press release (attached) taking a stand against the (anti-)marriage and voter ID amendments to the Constitution of the State of Minnesota that will appear on the Minnesota ballot this November. We would like to release these statements as a group, so we’re asking you, as the members of PAVE-MN, to vote on whether you can stand behind them.

Please read the attached PAVE-MN Amendment Press Release and then vote anonymously at: 8:00am on Mon., Oct. 1, 2012 The majority of votes received will prevail. Abstentions do not count as either Yes or No votes.
To encourage further discussion about the issues related to this vote, PAVE-MN created a discussion forum using Tangler. This was set up as an opportunity to allow multiple perspectives in PAVE-MN’s listserv to be heard.
Thank you,
PAVE-MN Steering Committee
(Chong Moua, Brian Kao, Caitlin Kee, Sandra Hong, Jenni Wong & Margie Andreason)

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