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About Us

How we got started

Two events happened around May 2010.

  1. Members of PAAVE (Pan Asian American Voices for Equality) announced that they were “retiring” from their public activities. PAAVE was a group of community members active in MN that got their start during the protests against Miss Saigon.
  2. At the same time, Vincent Who? was being shown in MN. Asian Pacific Americans for Progress was hosting those showings around the nation.

The occurrence of both events at the same time led to an open public meeting w/ Asian Pacific Islander/American (APIA) community members to see if they wanted to carry on the torch of PAAVE or possibly create an APA for Progress chapter in MN. Members of the APIA community from the arts, education, non-profits, private business and higher ed. organizations attended this meeting.

The main message at the first meeting was that there would be an absence in the pan-Asian community in MN, especially with both Asian American Renaissance (an APIA artists group) and PAAVE gone. In planning, community members wanted the successor group to be grass roots, progressive, and fluid. It would also be a personal and social connection to the Asian American community that focused on social justice, racial identity, political activism and community building.

Although some people only had interests in one area (arts) or another (politics), it was clear that people wanted a space where there was safety and a sense of belonging. We hope to create that space with the creation of the MN APIA group.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are our vision, mission, and values?

See the sub-pages under “About Us” to see where this discussion has gone.

Who are our leaders/staff/board?

As of Feb. 2012, there is no staff or board. However, there is a steering committee that is working on setting up the structure of the group. Interested community members are welcomed to inquire about serving on the steering committee. Our email is “pavemn [at]”

Is your group a non-profit or a registered organization?

At this point, we are working on setting up the basic structures of a community group but not as an official registered entity. 

How can people contact the MN APIA group?

“pavemn [at]”

This email automatically forwards to the steering committee.

Where are we with this group (as of 2/25/2012)

Currently, we are taking steps to form this community entity:

  1. Finalize the mission, strategic vision, goals, and value statements
  2. Organize a community convening to assess community needs, concerns, interests, and capacity
  3. Build membership
  4. Develop a communication system to allow for fluid information sharing across different APIA groups and individuals

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