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Group Mission, Vision, and Values (draft)

Group Mission, Vision, and Values (draft, last updated 1/17/12)
to be revised one more time by mid-March 2012.

Pan-Asian Voices for Equity (PAVE-MN)  is a network coalition of Asian/Pacific Islander American (APIA) individuals, leaders, and organizations that aims to mobilize for community-based actions to address issues and concerns facing the Minnesota Asian Pacific American community. Pan-Asian Voices for Equity (PAVE-MN) serves as an avenue for the APIA community and supporters to provide feedback, support one another, and foster ideas.Vision

Pan-Asian Voices for Equity (PAVE-MN) aims to carry out the mission by:

  • Creating a common space for community building.
  • Establishing a safe and inclusive environment for community discussion and education.
  • Addressing public and civic issues through community-based action.
  • Sharing resources, tools, and connections.


Pan-Asian Voices for Equity (PAVE-MN) is committed to building community-based efforts toward social change and equity. Our group is multi-political, multi-cultural, and multi-faceted. We believe:

  • that action must be taken in order for progress to be made.
  • in the potential for transformation – of people, institutions, and of our larger culture.
  • that people should have a say in the decisions that shape their lives.
  • that ordinary people can take steps to improve the quality of life for their communities.
  • that racial, ethnic, religious and regional diversity brings value to American society.
  • that the unique experiences of APIAs are  undoubtedly part of the American story, and as such, it is important that APIAs remain visibly engaged to public issues so that our voices and values are a part of shaping the future.


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